Over the roof tops of Lisbon – July 2016

I was born in 1991 in Rio de Janeiro to a Spanish Mum and a Brazilian-German Dad. At the age of seven I moved to Germany with my family where I later completed Grammar School with an A-Level (Abitur) in the major subjects English, French, Religion and Mathematics.

Drawn by the curiosity of ancient culture and society, I soon after applied for the Undergraduate course ‚Archaeology – Europe and the Near East‘ at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU) from which I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

During my Undergraduate studies I became increasingly interested on ancient architecture thus leading to my B.A. dissertation on the Herodian Palaces in nowadays Israel and Palestine. I took a year off to participate on the Erasmus exchange programme at the Queen Mary University of London where I read courses ranging from Russian Documentary Film to the heritage of classical antiquity in the Renaissance. Furthermore, I volunteered full-time at the Department of Greece and Rome of the British Museum and was part of the exciting Naukratis Project. Since October 2015 I am a Graduate student at the University of Oxford reading Classical Archaeology and focusing on Roman architecture.

In my free time I peer reviews for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA, forthcoming), throw parities for the Lincoln MCR Charities Committee and travel as much as time and money allow. My life long ambition is to make Archaeology and History experienceable, and fascinating, and understanding, and entertaining to everyone. I find the internet an enjoyable way for making this happening.

So please, enjoy and leave me a comment with any question you have related to the articles! – ML



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